Let's RISE together.

Reduce Crime

We can assist our men and women in uniform by investing in new technology and providing more boots on the ground, but we aren’t going to solve the issue of rising crime rates without mandatory sentencing minimums for repeat offenders.

Invest in Infrastructure

Currently, our roads are disastrous, traffic steals from productivity AND precious family time, and Marta is often an unsafe alternative. At a bare minimum, we must repave our existing roads immediately and look at strategic ways to expand Marta, while at the same time investing in more security at Marta stops.

Stop Human Trafficking

There are two things we can do to reduce this epidemic in our city. First, we must allow our law enforcement to utilize enhanced technology along with digital infrastructure to feverishly identify and capture the individuals who commit this heinous crime. Second, we must reform our foster care system. Studies have shown the foster care system is often where human trafficking begins. We need to promote MORE public-private partnerships which will allow alternatives to traditional foster care.

Eliminate Waste

As a Wealth Strategies
Advisor, this seems like a no brainer. Let’s move to a zero-based budgeting system which will make EVERY agency justify EVERY dollar EVERY year.

Ronald Reagan


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